New Darbe Mehr FAQ

What is the location of the new premises purchased?
1841 Moore Ave, Burnaby, BC. Right next door to the existing premises.

Why did you purchase this property?
We felt that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity as the property is immediately adjacent to the current Darbe Mehr and our intention is to expand the Darbe Mehr.

How many bids did the property receive?

How much did the new premises cost?

Who will be the owners of this new property?
This property will be jointly owned by both the Arbab Rustam Guiv Trust and The Zoroastrian Society of British Columbia.

What was the basic down payment on the new property?
$605,000.00 (provided by ARGT & ZSBC in the form of interest free loans to the New Darbe Mehr Project).

How much money did we have to borrow to complete the sale and who did we get this money from?
ZSBC and ARG Trust have been approved by Vancity for an amount of $750,000. 

What is the New Darbe Mehr Steering Committee’s plan on repayment of borrowed monies?
Local fundraising will first be used in paying down the borrowed monies from Vancity. 

Apart from collecting the big donations are you going to provide us guidelines on sustained giving plans throughout the year?
Yes, we have several options for donating that our Fundraising Committee has worked out.
Please contact the Fundraising Committee OR

Why don’t you approach the big donors for money?
We certainly will approach the big donors but these donors have informed us that they are first interested in seeing the local support and fundraising efforts after which they could commit to the project.

After acquiring the neighboring house, how much more space will be created?
The new property's finished floor area (house) is 2500 sq ft over 2 floors. Lot is 7062 sq ft.
Total square footage for a new facility will depend on what the City of Burnaby allows at time of rezoning.

Is this new property rentable?
Yes. It can be rented as a single family house or possibly as 2 separate suites—a 2 B/R and 1 B/R suite.

Expected rental income from this new property?
Market dependent, but approx. $3000.

What are the different options for developing this property?
This property has been purchased for use by BC Zoroastrians and building thereon will depend on the City of Burnaby’s zoning approvals. The land of the current Darbe Mehr is 14,160 sq ft (two lots). An option would be a structure on all 3 lots, OR two buildings if it suits our needs.

What happens if we have donated but re-zoning does not go through?
This property has been purchased for our community for generations to come. A few options (if all rezoning attempts fail) would be to sell this property; OR sell it in conjunction with the existing facility (with cumulative funds allowing us to move to a bigger place); OR keeping it as an asset and realizing rental income for the association; OR funds from the sale of this property/rental income could be used to upgrade/rebuild the existing property.

Will we get our money back if rezoning does not go through?
If tax receipts for the donations have been issued then no refunds can be made. However, this money will be used toward rebuilding a new Darbe Mehr at the present location. 

In whose name can I make my donations: ZSBC or ARG Trust? 
All donations should preferably be made to The Zoroastrian Society of British Columbia with a note in the memo section stating donation is toward the new Darbe Mehr project.

If I make 2 separate donations will I get separate receipts from ZSBC and the ARG Trust for my donations?

When can I expect tax receipts for my donations?
All donation receipts will be issued by end-February each year to capture any late donations for the previous tax year.

When will the funds contributed by ZSBC and ARGT be paid back?
The funds would be paid back before the start of construction of the new Darbe Mehr.

When will the new Darbe Mehr be completed?
This will depend upon your donations and the funds collected. Work on the new facility will start only after about 75% of the money has been collected for the new facility.

When new Darbe Mehr is under construction, will our normal activities continue and where?
Expect some of activities to be put on HOLD temporarily. A new planning committee will determine these logistics closer to our paying off our loans.

How frequently will we be updated on the progress of the project?
The committee will update the community every quarter and at the AGM. If in between something needs to be urgently rolled out to the community we will send a communique out to the membership.

Questions or concerns?
Please E-mail:

BC Zoroastrian Community Steering Committee:
Shervin Shahriari and Bella Tata (co-chairs), Shirin Abadi, Piroj Amrolia, Sam Behramfram, Dineyar Buhariwala, Azita Dehmobed,  Jamshed Gustavsp, Homi Italia, Azadmeher Kaviani, Perviz Madon, Farrokh Namdaran, Fariborz Rahnamoon, Kashmira Suraliwalla, Rostam Yazdani,  Aurash Yazdegardian.

*Updated on July 3, 2020. Detailed plans are frequently updated. Please ensure you are accessing the latest version of this FAQ for the most accurate information.