ZSBC Library

ZSBC Library Terms of Reference


The administrative responsibilities of members of The ZSBC and The Library Committee:

The procedures by which library items are to be checked out, returned, outstanding items to be followed up on, etc.



  • “Library Item/Material”: any item that is stored in the library including books, video tapes, DVDs, CDs, etc.
  • The library cabinets are locked and only designated individuals will have access to the library cabinets. Designated key holders will be responsible for checking out / checking in the library items to The ZSBC members.
  • The new ZSBC LIBRARY Ad-Hoc Committee and designated key holders are:


Library Checkout Procedures & Limitations

  • Library items are to be checked out to The ZSBC members only
  • Only the designated key holders hold authority to check out / in library items.
  • Designated key holders must record in the official RECORD BOOK, the basic information of members checking out / checking in library items, including (i) FULL NAME, (ii) PHONE NUMBER, (iii) LIBRAY ITEMS CHECKED OUT / RETURNED, (iv.) DATE OF CHECK OUT / CHECK IN, (v.) DATE OF FOLLOW-UP(S) (on outstanding library items), and any other details as seems fit by designated key holders.
  • The ZSBC members can check out up to a maximum of three (3) library items, at a time.
  • Where there is only one (1) library item of great value (i.e. handwritten Shah-Nameh), that is to be a “reference” item only and so labelled, must be kept and referred to at the Dar-e-Mehr at all times and cannot be checked out to any members. These are marked with (R) on the label and Catalogue.
  • Library items are to be checked out for an initial period of 30 days
  • Library items are to be returned back to the Dar-e-Mehr by the end of the 30 days (the first day being the day the library item was checked out) or an extension can be requested to the designated key holders by phone, email, or in person. The extension will be for another 30 days. In total, a member of The ZSBC cannot hold the library item for more than a total of 60 days.
  • If a member does not return the library item by the end of 60 days, the designated key holders (specifically the individual that checked out the library item to The ZSBC member holding the outstanding library item) will follow-up with that member and notify the member that a fine will apply.
  • If the outstanding library item is not checked in by the end of the first month subsequent to the end of the 60 day period that the library item had been loaned for, a $10 fine will apply for each month after the second month, up to a maximum of five (5) months for a maximum fine of $50.
  • No director of The ZSBC nor any member of The Library Committee will be held liable or responsible for missing library items that have been misplaced, lost, damaged or otherwise irreplaceable by any member. If an item is NOT returned, then the ZSBC Directors reserve the right to claim compensation for any loss incurred.
  • Members of The ZSBC under the age of eighteen (18) years cannot check out a library item by themselves. They must receive written parental approval or sign off.